Why Fall Window Cleaning Is Important

      The fall is in full swing and we want to tell you about the utter importance of the fall window cleaning. Many people believe that cleaning their windows once a year is sufficient. This is not true. If for some reason you can only hire professional window cleaners on an annual basis, the fall is the great time to start.

      We’ve heard people say that the autumn cleaning is useless since the rain is bound to turn squeaky clean windows into a streaky mess. This is not entirely true. The rain is clean until it hits a surface. If the surface is clean, the drops roll off without leaving too much residue. Meanwhile, if the surface is dirty, the water causes dirty to turn into mud, making your windows look even more unpleasant.

      Why Fall Window Cleaning Is Important

      If you are thinking whether fall window cleaning is in order, the below information might help you make the right decision.

      1. Saving Money

      If you want to save on your heating bill, your glass should allow as much light to pass through as possible. Even a few streaks on your windows prevent the much-need sun rays from entering your home. As a result, you don’t get any help from nature and your energy bills go up.

      2. Extending Life Expectancy

      When the weather gets worse in the fall, you have all types of debris flying around and getting stuck to your windows. If your window is initially dirty, the process becomes much faster. When you leave your windows dirty for a long time, the glass begins to degrade. If you don’t clean your windows on a regular basis, your glass’ life expectancy decreases.

      3. Checking For Damages

      When the window or window frame gets damaged, you don’t see it immediately. The small cracks allow the wind and cold through, making your energy bills grow bigger. People often don’t realize that a simple window inspection can prevent them from overpaying. When the window cleaners are doing their job, they can spot the damage and inform you about it.

      4. Fast Drying

      While window cleaning in the winter is also important, it’s much harder to do due to low temperatures. In September and October, when the weather is still rather warm, it makes sense to get the cleaning job done. This way you won’t have to bother with drying the windows in the winter in order to avoid freezing.

      5. Mood Improvement

      When fall comes, people often suffer from mood swings and slight depression. The reason is the lack of sunlight. By keeping the windows clean, you allow as much sun as possible to enter your home and lift your spirits.

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