Simon’s Advice: How to Choose a Professional Window Cleaner

      Many homeowners are thinking about delegating the window cleaning chores to a professional. Unfortunately, half of them stop at the “wishing” stage since they don’t know how to go about choosing the right person. Meanwhile, the other half rushes to hire the first seemingly suitable company online and ends up dealing with bad results. A few simple rules can help you find your perfect window cleaner.

      Simon’s Advice: How to Choose a Professional Window Cleaner

      Read About Experience and Check for References

      Any company can say that it has been in business for a dozen years, but does it have something to prove it? When you read about the window cleaning company’s credentials, always check for references.

      Reviews from other clients are one of the simplest ways to make up your mind about the company’s professionalism. If you can’t see the reviews or feedback on the Internet, ask the cleaning company where you can find them.

      In the contemporary world, window cleaners usually have a portfolio to show potential clients. What speaks better of a window cleaning company than a photo of an impeccably clean window from their previous project?

      Carefully Study the Price List

      Going for the cheapest services doesn’t mean you get high-quality cleaning for the best price. Most of the time the cheap cleaning ends up being very expensive. Take the time to study the packages offered by a cleaning company. A respectable firm has options for people with different budgets. Some companies have deals or promotions for new or regular clients.

      Find Out About The Schedule

      Since you have to be at home when window cleaners are doing the job, find out about the company’s schedule. Sometimes you have to reject a company’s services because your schedules don’t match.

      Respectable window cleaning companies have flexible schedules. Most of the time they do their best to adjust their plans to the client’s needs.

      Check The Insurance

      Window cleaners always work with heights, be it climbing the ladder to reach the top of your interior window or using special equipment to service a high-rise building. A cleaner’s life and health are always at risk. That’s why all respectable window cleaning company have special insurances. Asking a company to show their insurance policy is compulsory before hiring.

      Test the Availability

      A good window cleaning company is always available and easily accessible. You should be able to reach a representative by making a call or filling out a contact form on the website. A specialist should reply to you within several business hours. If the company is taking too much time to answer your questions or to schedule a cleaning, you may want to consider another firm. Response delays usually mean scheduling problems and tardiness.

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