Window Washing Cost: How Does It Form?

      Never ordered window cleaning services before? Still unsure if it makes sense to pay for this type of work? Have no idea how to estimate the price of window cleaning?

      Window Washing Cost: How Does It Form?

      Yes, pricing windows cleaning jobs can be intimidating. Besides, many service providers do not bother themselves with simplifying this task for you, quite on the contrary – they often seem to make it even more complicated!


      A number of companies make another mistake – they offer too low prices before estimating how dirty the windows are or how they are positioned. When the work is done, they may charge you some extra money and it can hardly make you happy and satisfied. If they don’t, it’s window cleaners who feel deceived and under-paid. And you clearly see that on their faces…


      Bidding window cleaning jobs becomes more precise and professional as a service provider gets deeper knowledge of this business.

      Main factors to influence the price

      Cleaning many windows hard to reach surely cost more than cleaning windows in a small residential house. Prices depend on such factors as window size and height, window type, degree of contamination. Sometimes jobs may require ladders, safety equipment or different tools. It also influences the bid. Another factor that matters – working with heights. A window cleaner risks the same way as an electrician, plumber or a HVAC specialist. Do not agree to use the services from those companies who neglect using safety equipment when they work at height.


      Some windows simply take more time to clean than others. French style or multiple pane windows normally cost more.


      Some windows may require to be washed several times being very dirty. If they haven’t been cleaned for years, they need much care to be clean and spotless. Some dirt, glue, tape, debris, paint can be removed only with a glass scraper. This is why, windows cleaning cost should be estimated in place.


      The final cost can be also higher if certain obstacles prevent workers from reaching windows easily. Air conditioners, stoppers, child gates, storm windows or so-called “quiet windows”, painted shut windows etc. – obstacles that require to be removed or cleaned as well which takes more time and effort.

      Labor and insurance

      Qualification costs money. The more professional service you use, the more you pay. Businesses pay money for hiring, training and keeping the best employees in staff. Nowadays, it is especially true because the construction market is expanding and it’s not so easy to recruit young people and keep them motivated and dedicated to the long-term work.


      One more important factor to form the price of windows cleaning is the necessity to provide workers with insurance. As they often have to work at heights and risk their health and lives, they should certainly be backed by insurance coverage. At the same time, the cost of insurance has become many times higher than a decade ago. Small businesses simply cannot afford normal coverage for their people being tight on their budget, this is why they often settle for Janitorial insurance. But you should know that such policy does not provide coverage for window washing manipulations on high-rise buildings!

      Why Simon’s Windows – windows cleaning at its best!

      The team of our company consists of well-trained people who dedicate themselves to this sphere. Here they find career opportunities, competitive salaries, proper insurance coverage and enough work to do.


      Simon’s windows company does not hire part-timers and non-professionals. We always answer telephone calls and provide prompt feedback in any occurring situation. Our cleaners wear full body uniforms and use high-quality equipment to make your windows shine.


      If you need windows cleaning services, choose the experienced and professional company to pay the honest price for the optimal result. We express ourselves through our work ethics, and we are proud of what we do!