How To Save Energy This Winter

      The cold days are almost here and many homeowners are cringing at the thought of the winter energy bills. Meanwhile, you can do a bunch of things to reduce it. Most of them are quite simple and don’t require too many investments. At Simon’s window cleaning (Window Cleaning Brooklyn). we have a few smart tips for the upcoming winter.

      How To Save Energy This Winter

      1. Cut Down On Kitchen and Bathroom Fan Use

      Do you turn your bathroom fan on every time you go to wash your hands? Or maybe you use your kitchen fan every day? The time has come to cut down on the use. Switch the fans on only when you really need them. These appliances suck out a lot of hot air, making your home feel colder.

      2. Use Free Solar Energy

      The winter sun may seem useless but it’s actually a great energy source. By opening your curtains and shades, you allow the free heating appliance to do the job. In order to take full advantage of this trick, you need to hire a window cleaning pro.

      Dirty windows don’t have the same effect since they trap the sun rays instead of channeling them. Window cleaning Brooklyn is compulsory for energy saving.

      3. Install Ceiling Fans

      Ceiling fans are not just great for the summer time; they are big helpers in the winter. The hot air rises up rather quickly, leaving you feeling cold. The ceiling fans bring the air back down so you can turn down the thermostat knob.

      4. Check the Heat Pump

      Hire a professional every year to check your heat pump or furnace. An insignificant problem may cause the system to use more energy while producing less heat.

      5. Keep the Humidity High

      If you have a humidifier, don’t be afraid to use it. The humid air feels warmer so you can turn the thermostat down. Meanwhile, humid air is beneficial for your lungs and can prevent the sniffles.

      6. Open Your Windows

      While this may seem counter effective, allowing dirty air to leave your home can improve the work of your thermostat. Keeping your windows clean helps you reduce the amount of dirt that enters your home. That’s why seasonal windows cleaning new york city can save you money. Window cleaning Brooklyn.

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