Professional Window Cleaners vs. Maid Service

      When it comes to window cleaning, many people prefer to delegate this matter to someone else. While some opt for professional window cleaning services, others rely on the housekeeper or housecleaner to do the job. Comparing these two services can help you make the right decision in the future.

      Professional Window Cleaners vs. Maid Service

      1. Professional Approach – Do You Want The Experts?

      Window cleaners and housecleaners are both professionals. However, housecleaners have a wider specter of responsibilities. While they may do a good job cleaning your windows, they’ll never be able to do what an excellently trained window cleaner can. Housecleaners usually don’t have the right equipment to do the cleaning job right.

      2. Speed – Who Do You Think Is Faster?

      When it comes to the professional window cleaning, the speed is often a top priority. People want their windows clean and they want it done fast. A house cleaner is not trained to clean the windows quickly. It may take such a specialist a whole day to deal with all the glass in a house. Meanwhile, you may end up with less-than-satisfactory results. A professional window cleaner does the job faster than any housecleaner can.

      3. Dangers – Can You Guarantee The Housecleaner’s Safety?

      Window cleaning is a dangerous job. While you might think that there isn’t anything special about cleaning the windows in an apartment with high ceilings, a house cleaner might. Even if he or she agrees to do the job, you may be responsible if anything life- or health-threatening happens on your territory. House cleaners don’t have special equipment or special training to deal with heights. Requesting them to clean yourwindows manhattan can be downright dangerous.

      4. Quality – Do You Want Both Sides Of Your Window Clean?

      Professional window cleaners clean your window inside and out. A house cleaner is bound to refuse your request to wash the outer side of the window in an apartment located on the 22nd floor. As a result, you get clean window from one side and dirty streaks on the outside. Even if your house has only two stories, washing the window outside can be a real problem for an untrained cleaner.

      5. Cost – How Much Can You Save?

      If you think that hiring professional window cleaners is expensive, think again. Asking a house cleaner to spend a whole day trying to get the windows clean may end up costing you much more than hiring a team of professionals, who’ll do the job in a couple of hours.

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