5 Reasons Why You Should Clean Your Windows This Fall

      The summer is almost over. Are you thinking about fall cleaning? When it comes to professional window cleaning, any expert will tell you that washing windows in the fall is important to the overall condition of your house or apartment.

      5 Reasons Why You Should Clean Your Windows This Fall

      We’ve made a list of the 5 most important reasons why you should book a professional window cleaning session this fall. If hiring an expert is not an option, you could do the cleaning on your own as long as you follow all safety rules.

      1. Save Money

      The most popular reason why you should invest in a professional window cleaning is not appearance. You can save money on your heating bill by allowing sunshine to heat your home through the windows. Dirty windows don’t let as much sun through as clean ones.

      2. Protect Your Windows

      Windows are constantly under attack. Debris, dirt, birds’ excrements, and much more settle on your glass during the summer. Meanwhile, sprinklers spray water on your glass doors and cause hard water stains. Washing windows in the fall can prevent cracks and irreversible hard water damage.

      3. Inspect Your Home

      Windows don’t just let sunshine inside your home. They can bring drafts, mold, and cold air. If your windows are damaged and let air through, you may face high heating bills, allergies, and other unfortunate consequences. When you hire window cleaners in the fall, ask them to inspect your windows for cracks and leaks.

      4. Prepare for the Winter

      While washing windows in the winter is possible, it’s much more efficient in the fall when the weather is still warm. Prepare your windows for the cold season and forget about cleaning them until the spring comes.


      Ideally, you should wash your windows twice a year, in the spring and the fall. If your windows are facing a busy street, you may need to clean them on a seasonal basis.

      5. Enjoy Clean Windows

      The last but not the least is, of course, appearance. Clean windows look great, improve the home’s curb appeal, and lift your spirits. It’s much more exciting to look out of clean windows than be annoyed with dirt, grime, and streaks on the glass.


      Fall window cleaning is a must-have for the majority of homeowners in New York and the area. Clean windows can help save money, protect your home, and improve your mood all season long. Consider booking a professional window washing session today.