5 Common Mistakes When Choosing a Window Cleaning Company

      Choosing a window cleaning company is a tough task, especially if you don’t know where to start while the choice is overwhelming. In New York, you have a wide range of window washers to consider. If you’ve decided the time has come to book professional window cleaning services, take a look at the mistakes homeowners like you have made in the past.

      5 Common Mistakes When Choosing a Window Cleaning Company

      1. Focusing on the Price

      While the price is an undoubtedly important factor for choosing a window cleaning company, settling for the lowest price tag is a mistake. For low price, you are likely to be getting poor services.If you want to save money when hiring a window cleaner, consider looking for deals offered by respectable companies. Many window cleaners offer discounts for regular clients, for the first cleaning or for referring a friend.

      2. Failing to Check References and Reviews

      These days, it’s easy to check the company’s credentials, references, and reviews without getting off your favorite couch. Unfortunately, not too many people do it. You can browse such sources as Yelp and Google, visit the company’s website or ask the representatives directly. Without this information, you can’t make the right decision about a window cleaning company.

      3. Forgetting to Check The Insurance

      Window cleaning is a dangerous job. That’s why all window washing companies must be properly insured. Respectable window cleaners share their insurance policies on their websites. If you don’t find them online, ask the company representative to send them over email.


      Don’t be afraid to call the insurance company to check if the policy is valid. Some companies may forget to extend their insurance, thus putting themselves and you at risk.

      4. Not Asking About Equipment

      All respectable window cleaners should have professional tools and equipment for window cleaning. After all, anyone can clean windows with a rag and a bucket. But how good would the results be? Ask what type of tools the company uses and what experience it has with height-access equipment. The quality of equipment ensures the safety of workers.

      5. Ignoring The Absence of Contract

      Any respectable company works with a contract. So if the window cleaning service “forgot” to offer you a contract, it should raise a red flag. A contract should list the terms of services and become your tool to fall back on in case something goes awry.   Take the time to find the right window cleaning company today and enjoy squeaky-clean windows for years to come.j1