Filthy windows – Is it the Rain to Blame?

      It has just rained and you raise your brows when you see your windows this filthy!. Why does it happen? Does the rain – the water falling from the sky – make windows dirty? Both yes and no.

      Filthy windows – Is it the Rain to Blame?

      You should know that tap water is dirtier than raindrops falling on the glass of your windows. It’s not the rain to blame but the dirt that has not been previously removed from the windows. There are so many sources of dirt outside – tree pollen, auto exhaust, grass cutters and others. No wonder, that all this dirt, debris and dust settles on the window glass. And then sooner or later it starts raining. It does not remove the dirt from the glass, no. It creates dirt residue and pushes all the mud into different patterns on the glass. When the glass dries out, you vividly see how dirty your window truly is. It’s not spread all over the pane now but spotty and smeared throughout the entire sheet of glass.

      Rain does not make a clean window dirty

      Rain has no chance to make windows filthy if they have been thoroughly cleaned. That’s the secret. Clean windows will remain clean when the sun shines again, simply because there is nothing on the panes left behind to make the glass sporadically dirty.


      If you take care of your windows, raindrops even help to keep their cleanliness longer! Rainwater is almost pure and it does not leave spots on a clean pane. It happens only with those panes that have not been cleaned for a month or longer.


      It’s nice to know that Simon’s Windows Cleaning can offer you a two-weeks Rain Guarantee and with peace in mind you will be smiling when it rains. We will get it covered, if you see dirt on your glass within this period. With our company, you gonna like any weather and season!


      So, the rule is quite simple, if you regularly clean windows, they remain spotless, transparent and shiny even after the rain.

      Professional washing for crystal clean windows

      Do not blame the rain but provide professional care to your windows. You will not be disappointed by the way your windows look when the raindrops dry out on the panes. You won’t see that terrible sporadic spotting if you hire a qualified team from Simon’s Windows Cleaning with a guarantee of the best result.


      Our company also recommends you to protect window panes from precipitation left by acid rain. It contains excessive amounts of sulfuric and nitric acids which also make the glass dirtier. And here is what you can do to avoid the problem:

      • Do not forget to have windows washed. Even if you do this on your own, use appropriate instruments and do not ignore any parts of the window. Mix warm water with a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid or use equal parts of warm water and vinegar a medium-sized bucket. Wash windows with a large sponge but do not make it too wet. Scrubbing is best to be done with circular motions. While washing the pane, move from top to bottom.
      • Take a squeegee and dip it into water with vinegar or dishwashing liquid. The squeegee should not be too wet as well. Clean the window by swiping the squeegee horizontally at the top of the pane and then swipe vertically on the remainder of the pane, the final swipe is to be done horizontally across the bottom.
      • Do not clean several windows at a time. You will not be able to complete the task properly, if the cleaning solution dries on the windows. If you notice the solution to become dirty, replace it with new one.
      • Create an invisible barrier between the pane and the mud with a glass sealant. It will keep cleanliness of the windows for a longer period of time. Spray sealants are able to provide protection of your windows for up to 12 months. Anyway, do attentively read recommendations of the manufacturer on the package.

      We fully understand you, if you don’t want to spend hours on windows washing. There are many other things to do in your life – more important or more entertaining. That’s is why, we have mastered the skills of windows washing to complete this task masterfully and save your time. Please, find our price rates to make sure that this type of services is absolutely affordable to anyone. Make your house even more comfortable and inviting even on stormy and rainy days! It’s so simple with Simon’s Windows Cleaning company!