How Often Should You Open Your Windows In The Winter?

      When people are getting ready for winter, they are usually thinking about saving energy. They draft-proof their windows and doors, order window cleaning, and inspect their walls and roofs for integrity.

      How Often Should You Open Your Windows In The Winter?

      As a result, they get a completely sealed space with almost no air getting in or out. While it’s a wonderful way to cut energy bills, sealing yourself off from fresh air is bad for your health. Ventilating your house is compulsory to get fresh air inside and contaminated air out.


      The most important reasons for ventilating your home during the winter are:

      1. Getting Rid Of Allergens

      Even though the blooming season isn’t even close, your home is still full of household allergens that can lead to respiratory problems. Besides dust mites growing their colonies all over your rugs and pillows, your lungs have to deal with chemicals from the cleaning sprays and dander from your beloved pet.


      People who are suffering from respiratory problems often experience worsening of symptoms during the winter due to poor ventilation.

      2. Battling Frequent Colds

      When the heating season is in full swing, the air in your home becomes very dry. The heating system removes the moisture from the air, thus drying out the mucous membrane in your nose and mouth. As a result, your body has trouble fighting viruses and bacteria, which are trying to breach the immune system. Dry and badly ventilated air are one of the most common causes of colds.

      3. Avoiding Bacteria And Mold Growth

      By keeping your space sealed, you are aiding dangerous virus, bacteria, and mold growth. Without the fresh air, bacteria multiply in the air and on the surfaces. Even if you are using a humidifier and an air purifier, you still need a source of fresh air to remove the abundance of CO2 in your home.


      So how often should you ventilate your home in the winter, considering that you don’t want to waste energy heating the street?


      Ideally, you should open your windows (windows cleaning) for at least 10 minutes every day. In case you live in a small apartment and all of your windows are on one side, preventing a good draft from circulating through, you should keep the windows open for at least 15 minutes.


      For houses or apartments facing busy streets, it’s better to ventilate before 9 am and after 10 pm in order to minimize the pollution. Give ventilation priority to your kitchen. It needs fresh air the most.