Why You Should Clean Your Windows More Often Than Twice A Year

      Window cleaning is an integral part of your house maintenance routine. Any window cleaning expert will tell you that washing windows twice a year is a must. The ideal seasons for window cleaning are spring and fall. So why do some people book window cleaning sessions on a monthly basis? Why would you increase the number of cleanings? After all, they take up time and cost money. Here are a few reasons why you should wash your windows more often than twice a year.

      Why You Should Clean Your Windows More Often Than Twice A Year

      1. It’s Allergy Time

      Are you susceptible to allergies? Then spring and summer can become unbearable. With pollen flying around your home, your life can turn miserable. One of the most efficient ways to deal with the pollen is to wash your windows. Allergens tend to stick to glass and window frames and enter your home every time you want to get some fresh air. Dirty windows trap allergens faster than clean surfaces, making your time indoors full of sneezing and itching. If you suffer from allergies, increase the window cleaning frequency in the spring and summer.

      2. A Busy Street

      Are your house or apartment windows facing a busy street? Then you are dealing with an overwhelming amount of dirt, grime, and oily residue. Such homeowners have to wash their windows more often in order to enjoy the sunshine and great views. One of the ways to protect your windows from the dirt is to use shutters. However, keeping windows closed all day long doesn’t allow the sun and fresh air to enter the living space. So you have to increase the window cleaning session frequency.

      3. High Traffic

      How many people live in your house? The more inhabitants walk in and out of your rooms, the dirtier your windows become from the inside. Meanwhile, if you are a big fan of cooking or smoking, your windows are bound to be covered with unpleasant residue. That’s when you should consider washing them once every season or even on a monthly basis.

      4. Hard Water Stains

      If you notice hard water stains forming on your windows, it’s important to get them cleaned. Whatever the reason is for hard water stain formation, from sprinklers to improper washing, you need to get rid of them until they damage your windows. Biannual window cleaning is necessary for all residential homes. Go over the above reasons to figure out if you need professional assistance more often.