6 Tips To Keep Your Windows Clean in The Winter

      Seasonal windows cleaning in New York City is compulsory to enjoying the squeaky-clean glass in the wintertime. But what if your fall window cleaning wasn’t as effective as you hoped and the winter cleaning session is far away? Simons Window Cleaning is ready to share some tips to help you do a few touchups.

      6 Tips To Keep Your Windows Clean in The Winter

      1. Choose The Right Weather

      Any windows cleaning pro will tell you that the sun is great for drying the windows but terrible for cleaning it. If you decide to wash your windows when the sun is shining straight at them, you are bound to have streaks. Overcast weather is perfect for windows cleaning as long as there are no precipitations. Windy conditions are also out of the question for your touchup plans.

      2. Take Out The Dirt

      Windows cleaning starts with removing the dirt and grime from the corners and mechanisms of the windows. If you begin by spraying the liquid and wiping the glass, more grime will build up and interfere with the window operation. Meanwhile, the dirt will botch your cleaning, turning the glass into a muddy mess.

      3. Use Warm Water

      When it’s cold outside, hot and cold water can damage your class. Scalding hot water will reduce the lifespan of your windows while cold H20 can freeze on the spot. Ideally, use the water with room temperature for washing your windows. Try to avoid doing it when it’s less than 14°F outside.

      4. Wear Rubber Gloves

      When working outside or with your windows open, make sure to use protective gear. Cold water on bare hands is an easy way to get a cold. Use rubber gloves to protect your skin.

      5. Add Windshield Washer

      If you want to make sure that the water doesn’t freeze on your windows, mix it with windshield washer liquid. Unlike regular window washing solutions, windshield washers don’t freeze.

      6. Hire

      Professional Window Washer. Windows cleaning in Brooklyn or other areas is better to be left up to a professional. Most window washing companies work all year round so you can use their services instead of spending the whole day doing what they can do in a couple of hours.
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