5 Dangers Of Working With Scaffolding

      Scaffolding may seem to be a safer way to reach high windows than ladders. However, there are still many dangers associated with this method. If you don’t have special scaffolding training, it’s not recommended to try and work with it.

      5 Dangers Of Working With Scaffolding

      1. Danger Of Falling

      It’s just as easy to fall off scaffolding as off the ladder. You may think it has a better balance and more parts to hold on to. However, in reality, the risk of falling off the scaffolding is not much smaller. Especially, when it comes to inexperienced users.


      All window washers and construction workers receive special training before climbing the scaffolding. Some workers fall off the scaffolding during the construction stage.

      2. Dangers Of Collapsing

      Putting scaffolding together is a tough task. If you don’t hire professionals to do the job, you may end up with an unbalanced structure. It takes just one loose bolt for the whole structure to become dangerous to your health and collapse.


      Before climbing the scaffolding, it’s vital to check if it’s put together properly. You need to search for loose parts and unbalanced boards. When the scaffolding collapses, it doesn’t just put the window washer in big danger, it may hurt the people on the ground.

      3. Improper Protection

      Each worker, who is climbing the scaffolding, must have a proper personal protective equipment. The safety equipment can save the person in case of an accident with scaffolding.


      Professional window cleaners carry a full set of safety gear with them. Even though some of this protection may be heavy, it’s highly efficient in protecting the worker.

      4. Weather Elements

      Scaffolding is different from such high-rise equipment as aerial lifts. Strong winds and heavy precipitations can cause the scaffolding to shake and collapse. It’s better to avoid using scaffolding when the weather is expected to worsen.


      Getting stuck on top of the scaffolding when the weather suddenly takes a turn for the worse is highly dangerous.

      5. Electrocution

      Workers, who use scaffolding, are at a high risk of electrocution since they work right next to power lines. Scaffolds must be installed at a certain distance from the power lines. However, these guidelines aren’t always followed. It’s up to the worker to check if the scaffolding is installed according to the rules.